Artist Statement

My personality continually has an intense desire to be creative. As an abstract painter, I look within to render unique and engaging designs that arise from my own thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Working in acrylic paint and mediums, I am able to create a diversity of styles in my work from soft dreamy color studies to dynamic textured pieces that have a structural feel - occasionally in neutral palettes, often in a selection of compelling hues, and always engaging.

I am attracted to the abstract art style as it allows me the freedom of painting in a formless language, that is not subject to the traditional rules of painting, but created from my interior restlessness.  I often begin an art piece using various mediums like pastes and gels, as well as papers or various tools that create different design textures before beginning to use paint, or I may create an art piece that has a soft background.

In addition, I enjoy taking on the challenge of creating abstract art that express an individual’s personality with their home space in mind. My love of color and creativity has helped me to take on this challenge.

I am happy to work with clients to create an art piece with a color palette and size that works with their interior space. Sometimes custom painting can be an easier option for a client than searching various options for that special piece of art.

A special moment and my most honored accomplishment so far is to have one of my painting designs on a cover of a published book. That was a very exciting time for me!